The source of our cashew juice: Discover the treasures of Benin

Die Quelle unseres Cashewsafts: Entdecke die Schätze Benins
Welcome to our blog! For the second time in a row I am back in Benin, my home country, not only to visit family, but especially to produce our cashew juice. Join me on a fascinating journey through Benin.

At first glance, Benin may not seem particularly large at 112,622 km², but it proudly claims the 7th place among the world's largest cashew producers. This is where our delicious cashew juice is made with great attention to detail.

Benin is not only the land of our cashew juice, but also a country full of historical and cultural diversity.

In 2022, a Hollywood blockbuster was even filmed about the women warriors in the Kingdom of Dahomey (the monument in the picture), now Benin. "The Woman King" is the name of the film.

Have you ever heard of Benin as the origin of the natural religion Voodoo? In the middle of the tropical landscapes and the colorful markets, this fascinating faith emerged, which has shaped the country for centuries despite the influences of Christianity introduced by the colonial powers. That's why Voodoo is celebrated as a national holiday in Benin on January 10th.

But that's not all. In the 16th century, Benin was the center of the slave trade. The "Gate of No Return" in the city of Ouidah is a historic site that reflects the fact that the enslaved people who passed through it would never see their homeland again.

Starting in the largest city of Cotonou, which stretches directly on the Atlantic, the country not only offers a fascinating history, but also shows impressive economic growth in recent years - a true gem for tourism and investment.

Through AKOUA, we are committed to ensuring that Benin is not only known for voodoo and slave trade stories, but also goes down in history as the largest cashew processing country. A sustainable approach that not only promotes agriculture, but also creates numerous new jobs locally.

By processing cashew apples, let us help make the world a better place and shape the history of Benin in a positive way.

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