Stop food waste, promote sustainability and social impact

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Our commitment to sustainability is based on basic ecological, social and economic principles, whereby the unique taste of the cashew apple also has special meaning.

Social impact

Helping people to help themselves: Initiating value creation processes in Africa instead of relying on financial resources for development aid and combating migration.

Economic growth

The local processing of cashew apples in Benin not only generates jobs, but also sustainably supports the local economy.

The cashew apple

From a botanical point of view, cashews are not nuts, but are kernels of the cashew tree fruit, also known as cashew apple. The tree only grows in tropical climates.

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cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are used to create products such as roasted cashew nuts, cashew butter, cashew butter or cashew oil.

Cashew apple

The cashew apple is a stone fruit and the flesh tastes wonderfully sweet and its vitamin C content is five times that of an orange. Cashew juice has the special property of neutralizing the taste of alcohol. Well suited for cocktails.

Cashew nut shell

During the processing process, the cashew shells are removed to reveal the inner kernel, which is then roasted or otherwise processed.

Did you know that for just 1 kg of cashews harvested, a whole 10 kg of cashew apples end up in the trash?

  • Less food waste
  • Livelihood and jobs in Benin
  • An innovative and nutritious fruit for the food industry

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Sustainable product diversity

By processing the previously unused cashew apples, high-quality products are created, such as cashew juice, cashew fruit lemonade, and cashew juice concentrate.




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Agree with Akoua

Doreen Praensee

For me, Akoua's cashew juice is not only a tasty but also a beneficial way to cover my vitamin C needs. The best thing about it is that I can also support the women in the cashew plantations in Benin - an experience that leaves a really good feeling.

Lee Greene - Foodhub-NRW

Akoua is much more than a juice. It is a solution to many sustainability issues:

Healthy nutrition, reduction of food waste and emissions, and more value creation in the Global South. For me, Akoua represents the food system of the future.

Lisa Marie Hagels

Founder of LiMa's fairpacked world

We are very pleased that Simon has brought such a delicious and important product onto the market with Akoua, which is not only a culinary enrichment, but also pays the producing women's cooperative in Benin fairly and leaves more added value on site.

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