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Cashews: We don't use the kernels but the fruits. Join us and create innovative products from our high-quality cashew juice and cashew juice concentrate. Be part of these unique taste experiences!

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Our cashew juice and concentrate not only taste outstanding, but are also versatile and easy to use.

Thanks to its ability to neutralize the taste of alcohol, our cashew juice is particularly suitable for creating other drinks such as alcopops .

The cashew juice concentrate also gives sweet dishes and desserts a distinctive touch and ensures unique taste experiences.

Cashew fruit juice

Our cashew juice is obtained exclusively from natural cashew apples and is free of any additives or preservatives. The fresh juice goes through gentle pasteurization and is then filled into aseptic containers.

Due to the sensitive nature of the cashew fruit, which spoils quickly if lightly bruised, the fruit is processed directly on site in Benin, not far from the cashew plantation. Thanks to careful processing by the women's community in Benin, this delicious cashew juice comes to you.

Available in 500 liter IBC.

Cashew fruit juice concentrate

The cashew juice concentrate with a Brix content of 70° impresses with its natural and intense aroma. The concentrated cashew juice preserves the fresh and unique flavor notes while at the same time exhibiting significant caramelization.

The reduced water content makes our cashew juice concentrate ideal for use in ice cream, baked goods and a variety of similar products

Available in 1.5L Bag-In-Box

Natural freshness

Experience the natural freshness of the cashew apple and discover a diverse culinary journey with our cashew juice concentrate. Get inspired and create new, innovative products!

Aromatic diversity

Discover the full potential of the cashew apple with our unique cashew juice concentrate. Immerse yourself in a world of aromatic diversity, be inspired and create culinary masterpieces

Taste journey

Embark on a taste journey with our cashew juice concentrate. The cashew apple unfolds its full potential in a culinary discovery. Get inspired and create new, delicious derivative products

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